Collison Repair

Over the past decade R-N-R Autobody has been slowly growing and assembling equipment to make their work the best in the industry and the turn around the most efficient.

Body Shop

Precise Measurement FRAME MACHINES.
We have a 3000 square foot facility for sheet metal and body-work, also a 2000 square foot facility for painting and preparation.

Additionally we have two frame machines. We are proud to offer Car-O-Liner with Car-O-Tronics one of the newest and most accurate systems offered today, for accuracy guaranteeing an excellent repair for your vehicle. We can measure your vehicle frame to determine, even the slightest kink or twist down to millimeters.
In 2007 and 2012 R-N-R added a new additions to there already impressive buildings. The new buildings are intended for collision repair that hold the Car-O-Liner and Car-O-Tronics systems and new alignment machine.
The Building is 2000 square feet and has up to date equipment to make sure your car has met R-N-R standards before it leaves our premises.


Added in 2012 a State of Art, Snap on 4-Wheel Alignment Machine, allows RNR Autobody the ability to do in house alignment and a quicker turn around for their customers.

Wheel and Tire Equipment

We also have new Snap on Tire Mounting and Balancing Equipment allowing us to work with any tire up to 24inches.